100 Face Shields Donated in Wollaston Township

One hundred pieces of PPE donated in Wollaston Township

As part of the Red Eagle Camping Community, Kim Brookes and John Vanderlinde feel a great connection to their second home. Even though they are staying safely home in Whitby, not able to be with their camping friends and family yet, they are still making a difference in their Wollaston Township community thanks to a much-needed donation of 100 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) face shields.

When COVID-19 hit, Vanderlinde, a 3D printing enthusiast, started making the high-demand face shields for those fighting on the frontlines. With three different designs made, shields were dropped at the Bowmanville Hospital for feedback. Frontline workers made their choice for the preferred personal protective equipment (PPE) design and Vanderlinde got to work printing as many as he could.

Since the early days, where he was running a couple of printers in his basement, producing 10 shields a day, there is now a small army of volunteers who have joined-in, plus local businesses and libraries who have donated more 3D printers for a total of 37 printers, producing around 185 splash shields a day.

Wanting to do even more, Vanderlinde and Brookes launched an online fundraiser that was immediately successful thanks to an outpouring of support from fellow Red Eagle Campers. Armed with 100 newly produced shields, the Red Eagle Campers made the trip to Coe Hill on Saturday to safely drop their donation.

Fifty of the shields will go to the Wollaston Township Volunteer Fire Fighters and the rest of the shields will be delivered to our local long-term care home, Hastings Centennial Manor, in Bancroft.

“This is our way of giving back,” Vanderlinde said as Deputy Fire Chief Perry Campbell received the donation on Saturday. “We’re just doing our part.”

Wollaston Township Mayor Barb Shaw was moved by the donation.

“I’m always touched by how the camping community stays connected even when the Parks are closed,” Mayor Shaw said. “This was such a heartfelt donation and a really beautiful way to show support for our local long term care frontline workers and our amazing fire volunteers. I am grateful.”

The 3D Printers for Durham Front Liners Group will continue making shields as long as there is a need and Vanderlinde says he’s going to keep helping as much as he can until the COVID crisis is a thing of the past.


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