Accessing Private Information

Attn: Property Owners, Cottage Associations, Realtors and Stakeholders

Accessing Private Information


The Township would like to apologize to anyone who has previously had personal information (ex. emails, owner or property information) posted without their consent as a result of privacy breaches which occurred over the course of the 2018 election.

The Township will no longer be providing owner and property information, verbally or in writing, to individuals whom are not the property owner. The Township is happy to assist stakeholders in accessing the Assessment Roll Book as this does contain property owner information. Individuals accessing the Assessment Roll Book will not be allowed to take photos, photocopy or otherwise reproduce the book. Stakeholders are allowed to write down information on paper anything they wish to obtain, and take their written notes with them.

For Additional Details Please Contact:
Bernice Crocker, Clerk

Please click the below link to view the original PDF. 

Media Release – Accessing Private Information

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