Council Media Release: Stay-At-Home Order

News Release

For Immediate Release: PDF Copy Available Here

April 8th, 2021



In the wake of the of the Stay-At-Home-Order released yesterday, which began at 12:01am this morning, I would like to urge our Stakeholders, their families and friends, and all who usually visit our beautiful community to please follow Provincial guidelines.


This third wave, along with the numerous mutations and Variants of Concern, has proven to come with greater risks. While every lockdown, recommendation and guideline has needed to be taken seriously this order should be carefully followed. Our community is small but tight knit, and together we can make it through these trying times – if we all do our part.


We are asking that you go out for essential reasons only, such as grocery shopping, picking up medications, disposing of waste and attending work if you cannot work from home. While we appreciate that this has been incredibly hard for a lot of folks we are asking for your patience and support.


Please continue to:

  • Wash your hands and sanitize often
  • Wear a mask, face shield or other PPE, as required
  • Call, email, or connect with your neighbours, family and friends, especially those who live alone
  • Attending the waste site alone (whenever possible) and exiting promptly once you are done disposing of your waste and recycling


Our Township office is closed to the Public – this means we will not be able to assist you in person and you must use the drop slot provided, or use email, regular mail or fax to send in documents. We will still be answering phone calls and assisting the Public to the best of our ability, given the restrictions.


Thank you for your continued efforts to protect others, yourselves and our Staff. We appreciate you!



Mayor Kruger & Wollaston Township Council



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