Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians (DRAO)

The Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians (DRAO) program is a program that can help property to recover costs after a natural disaster.  The Province may activate DRAO for damage to private property if there is a sudden, unexpected natural event that causes costly and widespread damage.  Please note that this program must be activated by the Province and as of the time of posting this information, it has not been activated.  You must first make a claim with your insurance company.  Applicants with insurance may be eligible for additional payment under the program only if insurance coverage is insufficient to cover essentials.  The program is meant to meet basic needs only.  Homeowners with more than $275,000.00 in insurance coverage are not likely to be eligible under the program.  The financial limit is $250,000.00 per application and is subject to a $500.00 deductible which could be waived for low-income households.  Please note that if you are trying to make a claim for a second home (such as a cottage) which is not your primary residence, the Province will not provide assistance under this program.  Please click on this link for further information:  https://www.ontario.ca/page/apply-disaster-recovery-assistance

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