Emergency Management

Emergency Management 

Additional information sheets will be added here as they become available, please continue to watch this space. 

Weather Event – May 21st 2022
All details pertaining to this event have been posted on Wollaston Township’s Facebook page – the most recent update being: 

Our Fire Chief has stopped and given reminders to numerous stakeholders while he continues to work tirelessly with the assistance of the Fire Department and the Roads Department on the aftermath of the storm. Restrictions are imposed to keep everyone safe – please help the Fire Department by following those restrictions.
Our public works superintendent is currently clearing a section of our works yard to accommodate brush and chips from the Public. Reminders and details below – please read the entire post.
– The waste site does NOT accept brush/logs/chips
– There will still be Municipal trucks going back into the yard. Go slow, and watch for our Staff.
– We realize this is a stressful time, please be mindful that it is also very stressful for Staff. When interacting with Staff in any capacity, please be respectful
– This is only for Wollaston Township stakeholders, or businesses working for stakeholders (if stopped, proof must be provided)
– Location: 90 Wollaston Lake Rd, Public Works Yard (at the very back of the lot)
– Time: 6am to 4pm, Monday – Thursday
– Opening/Closing: Noon May 25th, 2022 until 4pm June 30th, 2022 unless otherwise advised.
Where can I find information?

You can find information about storms and weather by visiting Environment Canada or The Weather Network, and the potential for flooding through the provincial flooding website. You can also find information about power outages by visiting HydroOne’s information page, and any major emergency situations within Ontario by visiting the provincial emergency management website.  

While you can often find updates through various social media outlets, we encourage you to use official sources for safety information, please watch this page as well as the Municipal Facebook page, which is updated frequently. 

What should I know about emergency preparedness?

Small Pet Emergency Planning Info Sheet

Hastings County Emergency Preparedness Guide 2022

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