Media Release – 20221020 – Firehall Update

For Immediate Release

Coe Hill, Ontario

October 20, 2022


Firehall Demolition Update


We would like to advise stakeholders that the firehall has been demolished, as of October 19th, 2022. The lot continues to be considered a construction site as we prepare for the new firehall to be erected in its place. Please be aware that trespassing in a construction zone is not only illegal but dangerous. We are aware a number of stakeholders may wish to stop and see the site – we ask that you view it safely from the sidewalk.


As progress continues in the coming months, we hope you view the new building as exciting progress for our Township and Fire Department. We are looking forward to a safe facility where our emergency service volunteers can learn and prepare to protect our community. We appreciate that our volunteers will be going through this transitional phase with us, and we thank them in advance for not only their time but their patience as we undergo changes. While change is sometimes uncomfortable, it is a necessary part of growth.


With that said, our Fire Department continues to be operational and emergency vehicles are now located within 1km of the previous firehall location. Homeowners are welcome to contact their insurance company to advise of this update to information, as needed.


We would also like to take this opportunity to remind Stakeholders that we are always looking for additional volunteers to join our Fire Department, and those interested may contact Fire Chief Donnelly for additional information on joining the department.




For additional details:

Bernice Crocker, Clerk 



For information on joining the Fire Department:

Jack Donnelly, Fire Chief




PDF Version: Media Release – 20221020 – Firehall Update

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