Media Release: Nellie Lunn Park

Media Release: Nellie Lunn Park
Wollaston Township

June 6th, 2022

For Immediate Release:
Council would like to note that this decision did not come without considerable discussion and thought. With discussion occurring over the course of approximately one (1) year, Council has examined numerous aspects of the sale and this difficult decision is what the majority of Council felt was best for the Township. We appreciate all the assistance, and correspondence from the Public. The following is a summation of the events.

Beginning June 14th, 2021, with a direction to the Clerk from a closed meeting to discuss Nellie Lunn Park (hereafter referred to as “Nellie Lunn”), among other topics. Staff were directed to prepare a report and gather information for Council regarding the possible sale, or options for use, of Nellie Lunn.

July 26th, 2021, a Special Meeting of Council invited the Public to be in attendance and provide their input on the possible sale of Nellie Lunn, as well as indicate “why” or “why not” the possible sale should proceed. Friends of Nellie Lunn Park (FONLP), a special interest group, were given three months to put a business plan together regarding Nellie Lunn that would make it favourable for the Township to continue to own and operate the Park.

August 9th, 2021, the Clerk prepared a report that set out the discussions from the past meetings regarding Nellie Lunn, as well as information dating as far back as 1982, where the initial resolution was adopted and discussed. The Clerk outlined the costs associated with minor work to the Park, amounting to $60,322.05. Options were then provided by the Clerk for Council consideration which included retention of the property, deferral, possible partnerships, investigation of the sale, sale to a non-profit, or donation of the property. A motion was then passed as below:

MOTION NO.: 11 Councillor Swartman – Councillor Fuerth
RESOLVED, THAT Council [sic] the decision to sell the property known as Nellie Lunn be deferred for 3 months to give interested stakeholders time to organize and bring forward a viable plan to develop and maintain the park, which will include not trespassing on other people’s property.

At the August 25th, 2021, meeting a recommendation was made that Council allow four individuals from the FONLP to enter the park via the unopened road allowance to examine the condition of the land, as well as see first-hand the issues surrounding access to the park.
In December 2021 Council received a report from FONLP, as well as delegations from Fred Cox and Cathy Trimble on behalf of Hastings Destinations Trails Inc., at that time a motion was adopted for staff to obtain an appraised value and an estimated real estate value.

On Feb 14th, 2022, Staff provided Council with a market value Letter of Opinion and related report, completed by Brad Sinclair, a licensed real estate agent, as an appraisal was not available. There was a resolution for Council to defer discussion until staff brought back a report which included all legal advice provided to the Township regarding the possibility of selling Nellie Lunn.
Since that time Staff have been working with the Municipal Solicitor and have received legal advice regarding Nellie Lunn. Based on this advice as well as information presented to Council, the following motion was adopted:

MOTION NO.: 21-2022

RESOLVED, THAT Council comes out of the closed meeting at 9:57 a.m., resuming regular business;

AND RESOLVED FURTHER, THAT Council approves the sale of the Nellie Lunn Park Land property and hereby directs Staff to sell the land by public tender and prepare an advertisement for the sale of the same as discussed in the closed meeting with the addition of the following:

1. The land be sold by public tender
2. All offers will be placed before Council for its consideration and instruction
3. Highest, lowest, or any other bid not necessarily accepted
4. No survey will be provided
5. Property is vacant land
6. Zoning of property is Open Space
7. Preference may be given to adjoining landowners

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For Media Inquiries:
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Media Release – 20220606 – Sale of Nellie Lunn Park

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