Press Release – Deputy Mayor Position Vacated

For Immediate Release
Coe Hill, Ontario
May 27, 2021

Wednesday May 26th, 2021, we received confirmation that Deputy Mayor Tim Conlin would be
resigning from his position, effective immediately. The same day, Council met briefly for an
emergency meeting to discuss the vacancy, and set a second meeting date for Monday May 31st, at
3pm. On Monday it will be discussed how the vacancy will be filled, as well as who the Deputy Mayor
position will be assumed by. The meeting will be an open meeting of Council, and details for
accessing the meeting information will be provided shortly on our website and Facebook page.

Deputy Mayor Tim Conlin served Wollaston Township as a member of Council from 2018 until 2020,
then began acting in the Deputy Mayor capacity in late 2020. When asked during Local Government
Spotlight Week in October why he wanted to be a Councillor he replied, “The expansion and growth
of Wollaston Township and our beloved little Village of Coe Hill has always meant a lot to me. My
family settled in Wollaston Township in the 1860’s. I want to help ensure that future generations to
come will have a prosperous and environmentally friendly place to call home or visit…”

We would like to thank Deputy Mayor Conlin for his contribution to the community, and for working to
protect the natural beauty that is Wollaston. We wish him well in all his future endeavors.


Report – 20210526 – Deputy Mayor Vacating

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