Public Privacy and Audit Report

This report is strictly to inform the Public of the facts of our email audit, how we are addressing specific complaints we received regarding privacy, and advise residents of what our current staff is doing to protect information, in as clear and transparent manner as is possible with this sensitive information. To view the report […]

Accessing Private Information

Attn: Property Owners, Cottage Associations, Realtors and Stakeholders Accessing Private Information   The Township would like to apologize to anyone who has previously had personal information (ex. emails, owner or property information) posted without their consent as a result of privacy breaches which occurred over the course of the 2018 election. The Township will no […]

Privacy Breach Statement

 A statement from Reeve Barbara Shaw – Wollaston Township impacted by privacy breach In June of 2019, a complaint filed with the Municipal Integrity Commissioner included a package of emails that had been released by the Municipality without following the process outlined in the Municipal Freedom of Information Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA). As a […]

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