Tax Sale Properties October 2020

Please see the attached information regarding the tax sale of properties in Wollaston Township. If you scroll down the document you will find a checklist for mandatory documents for submitting a bid. The closing date for bids is November 4th 2020 @ 3pm.

Please put the bid inside a sealed envelope, there is required information that must be on the envelope in order for it to be accepted. We have created an envelope you can print off or copy, and if you are unable to print this information you may purchase a package at our Township office for a cost of $10.00 which includes the envelope, Form for the bid and details on the properties.


All inquiries can be directed to our office, at 613-337-5731 or by email to

Envelope for Tax Sale Bids – PDF

Tender for Sale of Properties (Tax Sale) Package – PDF


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