Wollaston Lake

Lake Health & News

New Regulations
There are now regulations which require you clean & drain your boat before entering a water body, and before leaving a water body, failing to do so may result in fines. 

How to Clean, Drain & Dry Your Boat

Additions to the Invasive Species Act

As of January 1, 2022 13 new invasive species, and watercrafts as carriers, are regulated under the Invasive Species Act to help prevent the introduction and spread within our province. These new invasive species include terrestrial and aquatic plants, fishes, aquatic invertebrates, insects and a mammal.

Public Beach on Wollaston Lake

Our Public Beach features a change room/washroom facility and playground equipment. Free parking is also available.

To find the public beach, drive south on Wollaston Lake Road, turn right on Beach Lane, continue to follow the road and you’ll see the public beach on the left with a parking area on the right side of the road. Parking is free.

Public Boat Launch to Wollaston Lake

To find our Public Boat launch, drive south on Wollaston Lake Road. There is free parking is available at the Public Beach located along Beach Lane; or across from the Municipal Building located at 90 Wollaston Lake Road.

Please do not park your trailer and/or vehicle on Wollaston Lake Road in areas posted with No Parking signs and do not block the entrance way into the Red Eagle Family Campgrounds.

To help stop the spread of invasive species please ensure your boat is clean and stay clear of the yellow markers that indicate milfoil infestations on Wollaston Lake.

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