Total Fire Ban Declared by Chief McCaw

Due to the risk of exposure to COVID 19 during responses to fires, Wollaston Fire Chief Kirk McCaw has issued a TOTAL FIRE BAN that prohibits all open fires.

This total fire ban applies to all land within the municipality of Wollaston Township, including:

• All cottages, private and commercial.

• All interior/backcountry camping – lake access, canoe tripping and backpacking;

• All trails During a fire ban:

• Campfires are not permitted at any time;

• Charcoal barbeques or biomass units using natural burning fuels (i.e. sticks, twigs, pinecones, etc.) are not permitted;

• Candles of any type are not permitted;

• Portable outdoor living gas or propane fire pits or fire bowls manufactured for the intended purpose of outdoor ambience and recreational enjoyment that produce a flame are not permitted; and

• Portable gas/propane/naphtha stoves or barbeques that have a fuel source with a control valve may still be used.

Please note: anyone using an outside wood fired boiler as a source of heat for their dwelling unit and/or hot water are required to have a chimney cap in place with no larger than ¼” mesh in place and burn with small fires and extreme caution at this time.

The fire ban will remain in place until further notice.

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