Why Internet and Telephone Voting?

There are many advantages to why we adopted this method of voting for the 2022 Election:
Emergency Preparedness: Voting by Internet or Telephone does not require any large gatherings at polling stations, and allows voters to vote from the comfort and safety of their home if future emergency stay-at-home orders are issued.
Efficiency: reduces printing, return postage fees, staff time for vote counting, and the amount of paper utilized.
Accessibility: Internet and Telephone Voting is a convenient option for electors allowing them to use their own devices and access their ballots anytime during the voting period, and from anywhere with Internet or Telephone access.
Accuracy: Internet and Telephone voting uses electronic ballots exclusively reducing counting error from manual tabulations;
Automatic Tabulation: 100% of the results will be available shortly after 8:00 p.m. on October 24, once all voters have completed their voting (if they logged in before 8:00 p.m.).
Convenience: Several hundred non-resident electors do not live in the Township of Wollaston year round and therefore should be given the equal opportunity to vote as those who live here. Every elector will be able to vote from a location of their convenience. Also, compared to mail-in voting from years past, voters will no longer need to find a postal box, or rely on the postal service to ensure their ballot is returned back to the municipal office.

How to Vote

Voting is convenient with Internet and Telephone Voting:

Check the Voters’ List to ensure you are on it, and your mailing address is up to date.
Wait for your Voter Instruction Letter to arrive in the mail (by early October 2022). If you didn’t get a Voter Instruction Letter you will be able to obtain it from the Municipal Office (90 Wollaston Lake Road, Coe Hill, ON) with appropriate identification.

Hold on to your Voter Instruction Letter in a safe place until voting opens on Tuesday, October 11 at 9:00 a.m.

Open your Voter Instruction Letter and find the PIN number that will grant you access to the voting system.

You have 2 Ways that you can vote:

Vote by Telephone (takes about 10-15 minutes)

  • Call the number provided in your voting kit
  • Enter your birth date
  • Enter your PIN
  • If you receive an error after several attempts to login, this may be because your birth date information is incorrect in our Voting System. Please contact 613-337-5731 to have it corrected.
  • Vote (use the ‘#’ to confirm your selections).

*Please don’t finalize your vote until you have selected not more than 5 candidates for the race – one for Mayor, one for Deputy Mayor and up to three Councillor position(s).*

an image of a vote being cast via laptop

Please note that voting by Internet is a much simpler process than by telephone, and we are here to help you, come see us!

Vote by Internet (takes about 5 minutes)

Visit the voting website provided in your Voter Instruction Letter by entering the address into the address bar at the top of your internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.)

  • Enter your date of birth
  • Enter your PIN

You may have to complete a Captcha challenge (distorted letters and numbers) as shown on the screen for security purposes.
If you receive an error after several attempts to login, this may be because your birthdate information is incorrect in the Voting System. Please contact the Voter Help Desk/Municipal Office to verify your information in their system.

Follow the prompts through all contests, and complete your ballot by pressing ‘Vote Now’

Want to ensure your vote counted? You can try voting again with the same PIN and Voter ID, and if you are blocked from doing so, then you know your vote counted.

If you do not have access to a touchtone telephone, or internet at your home, visit the Municipal Office or Voting Pop-Up Location (locations TBD) during the voting period and use their touch-screen kiosk or public-access computers.

If you did not receive your Voter Instruction Letter in the mail by October 11th, you will be able to obtain your Voter Instruction Letter from the Municipal Office.

A video can be found at on Youtube which walks a user step-by-step through the above process. 

2022 eVote Common Questions

How to vote? 

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