Council Members 2022 – 2026

Michael Fuerth, Mayor

Michael has served Wollaston on several committees, as a Councillor and as a Deputy Mayor.  With Wollaston needing leadership at County, Provincial and Federal levels, Michael decided it was time to run for the position of Mayor. Bringing a diverse experience in management and problem solving for 35 years with a Fortune 500 company and seeing a need to improve services moving into the future was another reason for running for the position of Mayor.  Michael feels it is time to bring positivity and foster collaboration to make Wollaston a united, proud and prosperous community with a vision to empower the people of Wollaston for a greater tomorrow.


Phone: 613-334-1292

Paul Ordanis, Deputy Mayor

 Paul Ordanis owns and operates a construction and consulting company from Wollaston where he lives on a rural property. Paul attended the University of Guelph and has owned/operated successful business’s in the financial services industry, rental real estate, and manufacturing sector. Paul enjoys hiking, hunting, fishing, ATVing, Snowmobiling, and all things outdoors! 


Phone: 613-202-2599




Sheila Currie, Councillor

Sheila Currie is a career researcher (now semi-retired Research Fellow) and project manager specializing in social and economic programs. Wollaston won Sheila’s heart; after visiting from the time she was an infant until renovating her and her partners cottage into a four-season home. She has since moved full-time to Wollaston approximately 3 years ago and is excited to apply her knowledge and experience to achieve a bright future for Wollaston.


Email: Phone: 613-979-9052




JD Fentie, Councillor

Formerly attending both Trent and Queens University and continuing on to work as a Senior Consultant for numerous years, JD’s professional life shows great contrast to his local roots in Hastings County. In his personal life, JD enjoys sailing, mountaineering and cross-country skiing! He looks forward to applying his business operations management experience to the challenges and opportunities facing Wollaston Township in the coming years.       

Email:   Phone: 613-318-4235



Wendy Mortimer, Councillor

Wendy Mortimer is the current owner of the Coe Hill Grocery Store. Wendy excitedly serves her first term for the Township. She compliments her professional life in the Store with her personal life living on a beautiful farm in Marmora and Lake Township.  



Phone: 647-861-5227 (Text Message Only)

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