Wollaston Council Moves on Election Consultant Hire

For Immediate Release

Coe Hill, Ontario
July 14, 2020


After a Municipal election cycle in 2018 that saw some waterfront residents sign leases with additional family members for sleeping cabins, Wollaston Township staff proposed the hiring of an election consultant for the 2022 election at the July 13 meeting of Wollaston Council.

Staff suggest there is a need for a consultant because the election process is time consuming, but also because of the problems that arose during the last election. Staff proposed the hiring of a retired Clerk who will be able to develop and deliver new policies and support the Municipality, in an impartial way, through the next election.

The staff recommendation to engage former Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers (AMTCO) president Nancy Wright-Laking was supported unanimously by Council.

For additional details:

Mayor Barbara Shaw




A PDF version of the document is available by selecting the below link. 

Media Release – Moves on Election Consultant Hire

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